Welcome to the Twisted Memes #OpPedo page, where we hunt pedophiles and help find justice for their victims. If you have been the victim or know of a victim, please contact us and we will help you bring the pedophile to justice. If you recongnize any of the pedophiles featured below, please contact us. The more victims that come forward normally results in longer prison sentences.

     Welcome to our #OpISIS page (AKA RMR Ranch)!  Before connecting, please make sure for your own safety, you have your VPN enabled.
     After the November 13th 2015 attacks in Paris, we knew something had to be done about the Daeshbags.  So we teamed up with members of Ghost Security to started a campaign to end ISIS online recruitment. Since then, 100,000's social media accounts have been torched and 100's of supporters and members of ISIS have been captured.

     If you create an account, make sure you use a fake e-mail address.  Don't worry, we do not verify the e-mail address. Also, don't for get to check out Ghost Security's page at https://ghostsec.info/

     In 2004, we got sick of all of the online politically correct butthurt people, so we started posting memes on different websites, including  4Chan before it became a "shit-show" around 2007.  With the rise of social media filtering, we felt the need to build a site where all of the great memes would not be censored out and be lost forever.