Trolling Software

      If you want to troll like a fucking boss, you will need the right software. Below are step-by-step instructions for noobs on setting up any Android for trolling anonymous.

1. Using a VPN connected computer, tablet or phone, create a new fake GMail account.

2. Take an old Android and do factory reset.

3. Install BitMask(sign up at or use other phone VPN. Hexatech, Turbo, etc are other ones.

4. Connect to WIFI.

5. Install Groove IP using new fake GMail account. It will give you a new VOIP(Voice over IP) phone number.

6. Use the new VOIP phone number for verification on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram Messenger or WhatsApp. It will try to text you a verification code, but select to have it call you with the code instead. Also you can buy credits or "watch videos"(under "Add Credits") to receive credits so you can receive verification text messages.

     Below are download links for the software mentioned above, along with some apps we use daily.

(Click on the icon to download the App)


VPN Clients

Tor Browsers

VoIP Apps

Meme Generators

Encrypted Email

Messager Apps 👈Coming Soon!